Recruitment Process Outsourcing by OMNI


Why choose Omni‘s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

We’re not mind readers at Omni RMS, but we’re willing to bet that any resourcing issues you’re facing are related to quality, cost and/or time…

As the UK’s leading RPO provider, Omni directly sources, assesses and selects your best-fit candidates all under your own brand – keeping quality high and costs lower than any recruitment agency out there – leaving you with the definitive and informed choice of who your organisation recruits.

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Learn about Creative Play

playground equipment

Here at Creative Play we’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality playground equipment since 1991. In that time we’ve been trusted by our customers to create more than 12,000 outdoor playground and educational environments.

Customers who have worked with us to develop exciting new outdoor playgrounds include; Schools, Nurseries, Holiday Parks, Parish Councils, Pubs and Local Authorities.

Operating throughout mainland UK, with our offices and factory based in Chester, we have more than 100 employees dedicated to providing you with exciting and innovative playground equipment products and a one-stop service which includes product design, playground consultation, and manufacturing, installation and aftercare services.

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Guitar Player in the House? Here’s a Great Money Saving Tip

pic of bass strings
Cleaning bass strings rather than buying new strings is simple and saves money. Bass strings are extremely expensive, twenty dollars for any good set, but they degrade so quickly. And the significance of a brand new group of strings cannot possible be overstated within an instrument which is so determined by that elusive x-factor referred to as "tone." Bass players are always on the thin edge between "muddy," and "no bottom," as they try to maintain that perfect joining of the sonic spectrum, although every musician is always chasing tone. So, do what I do; clean your strings for free if you play bass and are tired of shelling out twenty bucks every couple of weeks.

Four Situations when an Online Mirror can be Handy

Willow Mirror
With the help of your laptop or desktop computer webcam, it is now possible to have an online mirror. Get the shop here: Mirrors by There are several websites which have features that when joined with your webcam can present to you a perfect online mirror. You can get your makeup done on it. You can get dressed up in front of it. You can also practice your speeches in front of frameless mirror. Similarly, there is plenty of things that can be done with the help of an online mirror. Below, we are going to describe a few scenarios in which an online mirror could become the only option for you or sometimes when it can do the job of a mirror even better than a traditional wall mirror.

Tips for Decorating The Home Inexpensively


Ever men and women want their house to be well furnished and luxurious, and they spend a lot of amount on different sorts of decorations and other cosmetics to make their home beautiful. This article will be paying attentions on how to decorate the home cheaply.

Wallpapers and Textures
After all the paints and furnishing the next step is to decorate your house with some attractive decorations such as most of the people use wallpapers on the doors and different sort of textures on the walls which give a whole new look to the house by making it brighter and elegant. These wallpapers should be according to the color schemes, and they look more beautiful in the dining areas and lounges while textures are more suitable for the bedrooms, but the texture should make a good combination with the room furniture and paint.

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Furnishing the Home


Every men and woman want their house to be well furnished and in this regard they spend a lot of amount on the paints and furniture to make their home luxurious and beautiful. This article will be focused on some tips for the paints and furniture.

Walls and Paints:
The most important thing that everyone notices while viewing the house is its paint and his wall decoration. So first of all, the main thing is the choice of color scheme for paints. Firstly choose some bright and decent color for the walls and try to make a right combination you can also seek help from any interior designer in this regard. After choosing all the color to make a good choice of which color should be used in which place such as the kitchen and bathroom should be brighter, and bedrooms should be painted with some decent colors. So the color schemes are vital, and they should be eye catching, and the combination should be good. Next step is to paint the whole house with some good paints and try to make sure that after the paints. The walls should be cleaned on regular basis. There are several ways of decorating the walls like hang some beautiful sceneries and wallpapers on the wall but now most of the owners like to paint their house walls with some nice textures available in the market, and they look attractive.

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3 Basic Home Improvement Tips


Every house owner has a wish to improve his home and make it comfortable. It is quite natural the love of the home and every person care for it, spend a lot of amount on it to make it beautiful and convenient. This article will be focused on how to redecorate the home to make it beautiful and comfortable.

Take Advice From Any Realtor:
The first step is to consult with any designer or realtor regarding remodeling the house improve its value because any interior designer or dealer is professional at this level, they knows the latest trends, and they will give you a very helpful advice in this regard. So it is quite important that before you make any changes in the house consult with any designer to make sure that it is according to the trend, and it does suit on your house.

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